X-Ray and Ultrasound

Tilbury X-Ray & UltrasoundTilbury WRA Xray and Ultrasound clinic offers fast and friendly help with any of your imaging needs. Our location offers digital X-ray and ultrasound imaging which allows for a more rapid turn-around time for information.

X-ray Services (walk-in welcome):

• Chest and abdomen
• Head and neck
• Lower and Upper Limbs
• Spine and Pelvis

Ultrasound Services (appointment needed):

• Abdominal
• Breast
• Hernia
• Obstetrical (pregnancy)
• Pelvis
• Soft Tissue Injury (rotator, knee, etc…)
• Testicles
• Thyroid
• Vascular (aorta, arteries, veins, etc…)

What you need to bring:

• Documentation (referral) from your Doctor
• Your provincial (OHIP) health card

Picking up your images:

All X-rays and Ultrasound imaging are now available on a CD (compact disc) at a minimal fee of $5.